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Yesterday, late in the evening, I spied a white rose. It is said that white flowers are for the dead – but death, love, and youth are all one and the same. (The dead, insofar as they really live inside of us, live transformed as the image of shining youth!) Therefore it is precisely the white rose with its fragrance and its fragile purity that is the symbol of eternal youth. I thought of that this very moment. I love to give people white flowers (and all Christians make the sign of the cross when they see one). I am sending a white rose petal to you with a kiss. F.

That was the message on the postcard Fritz Rook mailed to Lilo Ramdohr. A message seen by Alexander Schmorell and shared with the rest of the friends we now call the White Rose.

Our logo takes that imagery and combines it with the act of lifting one’s hands on behalf of liberty and justice for fellow human beings. Whether lifted in prayer, or lifted in supplication to one’s friends and neighbors, it is recognized as genuine pleading for wrongs to be made right, for all men and women on the face of the globe to be free.

The “Weiss-Blau” commemorates the joint heritage of Bavaria and Judaism. Blue and white celebrate two great societies that long lived in peace, until during twelves years of insanity, the German blue-white inflicted such pain and misery on the other blue-white, pain and misery that has not yet healed.

It is our earnest hope that one day, both “Weiss-Blau” nations can once again work together in full harmony on behalf of liberty and justice for all.


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