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The “how-to” behind

September 25, 2013

0 represents the efforts of the Center for White Rose Studies to upload all primary source documentation into an online “database” – for additional research, as well as to support a more accurate version of White Rose resistance. It is fully searchable and permits the posting of questions or comments to each individual record. Currently, […]

You are our community!

November 11, 2012


Thursday, November 8, everyone associated with Center for White Rose Studies – friends, donors, fellow researchers, questioning students, interested bystanders, and board members alike – shared in an unexpected honor. We, all of us together, won the prize in the media category of Wharton Business School’s inaugural Social Media Leadership Award. I may have been […]

Curating scholarship

November 10, 2012


If we are going to “do” this thing – if we are going to provide an open worktable with primary source documents in English translation for every archive project currently on our To-Do list, as well as all that are to come – we must figure out some ground rules. We’ve already defined the Ethics […]

Questions about primary source documents?

November 4, 2012


We have posted information about primary source documents – both specific to German resistance, as well as notes regarding what differentiates primary sources from secondary sources – on our Web site. If you have any questions on this topic, please ask away! This is meant to be a place to learn together. Need more information? […]

Internship program

August 17, 2012


Below is our basic internship proposal. This will apply only to colleges and universities that serve as one of our archive “branches” – as it assumes that level of cooperative project with Center for White Rose Studies. If your college or university is interested in this sort of cooperative project – archives plus internship – […]

Archive projects

August 17, 2012


Are you interested in one of our archive projects? Please comment below if: You would like to work on a collaborative team for one of the projects listed; You would like to suggest another resistance group or individual resister to add to the list; You have materials related to one of these groups or individuals […]

Input from friends

August 15, 2012


This is your chance to tell us what you’d like to seeĀ us do! Use the comments below to suggest new archive projects, or activities, or to ask a question about our work. We take your interests to heart. At least one board member (if not all!) will read and comment to your suggestions below. Should […]