Conference update

Posted on November 18, 2012


First, there’s a certain … kismet? In the fact that the maiden name of the CSUCI person coordinating our 2013 White Rose Conference is Lafrenz. Really! And it wasn’t even planned that way.

On a related note, we’re hoping against hope that Traute Lafrenz can attend the conference. She’s 93, but at this exact moment, she is in good health and can still travel. She’s very modest and unassuming and would not want a big deal to be made out of her courage and bravery. (And that’s exactly why – to me – what she did is such a Big Deal. Those who’ve sought fame and glory for saying no to the Nazis, generally did not say no to the Nazis. Those who, like Traute, stay in the background are the ones who generally deserve our greatest respect.)

I learned this past week that we will be sharing CSUCI’s conference facilities with a cheerleading camp. They will be occupying a different part of campus for daily events, but we’ll share living quarters and dining room for breakfasts and lunches.

My initial reaction: Oh noooo. But after a moment of reflection, I decided it will be nice to be surrounded by POSITIVE energy like that. We may be considering young people who were executed for standing up for what was right. But they were normal young people, not hermits or monks. They did silly, crazy things. In many ways, we couldn’t have asked for a better group to share CSUCI with that week.

I’m also issuing invitations to that group’s coordinators to check out our work. The synergy could turn out to be wonderful indeed.

Finally, I’ve set up a Twitter hashtag to track the conference: #2013WRConference. It’s a little longer than I would’ve liked, but it’s uniquely ours. There’s nothing else there. So it will make it easy to follow over the next nine months.


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