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We paid the deposit! So it’s booked. Mark your calendars therefore for JULY 11 – JULY 14, 2013. Location: Cal State Channel Islands ( – To Google the location, the address is One University Drive, Camarillo, CA 93012.

The CSUCI Bell Tower

Be sure to view the satellite image, not the road map. You will notice that the campus is surrounded by strawberry and corn fields. Three edges of the campus boundaries are comprised of beautiful hills.

CSUCI (pronounced sushi) is about five miles from Port Hueneme (pronounced Why-NEE-mee), the only deep-water port between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It has south-facing beaches, for you surfing fans. And CSUCI is eight miles from Point Mugu (pronounced muh-GOO), with the stunning Mugu Rock. And beaches.

It’s about twenty-five miles from the Reagan presidential library in Simi Valley, and about an hour’s drive from Malibu (south) and Santa Barbara (north). You can charter a whale-watching or Channel-Island-hopping boat from Ventura Harbor, about twenty minutes away. Or simply strike out hiking – at your own risk, naturally, since there be varmints and rattlesnakes in them thar hills.

Camarillo is hometown of Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory). And the real Hidden Valley behind all those salad dressing commercials is maybe fifteen minutes away, on a scary mountain drive reminiscent of the hairpins found between Kochel and Walchensee.

But the best part about our conference location? The CSUCI campus itself. This is California’s newest university, just now ten years old. The buildings are much older. Any Eagles fans would know the CSUCI campus from their song, Hotel California. The picture on the album cover is NOT of the campus, but you’ll get to hear the famed ‘mission bell’ and drive the ‘dark desert highway’ to the conference! Heh.

Seriously, it’s 800 acres of wide-open space, palm trees, magnolias, eucalyptus, wild but manicured. At night, you’ll hear coyotes howling and raccoons fighting just beyond the campus perimeter (no joke). Whether you need an hour of solitude, or a community, you’ll find it at this campus, and at our conference.

Please join us! Here is a link to the registration form. We can hardly wait to meet you!

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