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Input from friends

August 15, 2012


This is your chance to tell us what you’d like to see us do! Use the comments below to suggest new archive projects, or activities, or to ask a question about our work. We take your interests to heart. At least one board member (if not all!) will read and comment to your suggestions below. Should […]

Remembering in Munich

February 17, 2014


Terry Swartzberg is a nice Jewish boy from Wisconsin who has found himself loving life in Munich, Germany these last twenty-five years or so. Active with the Reform congregation in that city, Terry also spends many waking hours advocating on behalf of the Stolpersteine initiative. Stolpersteine (stumbling stones) are those small brass bricks that typically […]

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

February 16, 2014


Fast approaching the 20th anniversary of the beginnings of our White Rose research (July 1994), sometimes it’s easy to feel a little blue about this work. Days when people who publish fluff bask in adulation for perpetuated legend, or those perplexing times when doors are slammed shut or brick walls erected around primary source documents, […]

Aristotle, Augustine, and Hitler – for Audrey

January 31, 2014


Hans Scholl too officially began his Christmas vacation on December 22, [1942] showing up at his parents’ house without Sophie. Doubtless Hans made some excuse or the other for Sophie’s absence. Apparently neither he nor Sophie told anyone that Sophie was off to visit Otl in Bad Hall. What a happy reunion that was! Otl was […]

Augustine for Baylee

January 31, 2014


A treasured student recently posed a couple of serious questions regarding Sophie Scholl’s obsession with Augustine’s works. Baylee, this one is for you! Excerpted from White Rose History, Volume I.

The “how-to” behind

September 25, 2013

0 represents the efforts of the Center for White Rose Studies to upload all primary source documentation into an online “database” – for additional research, as well as to support a more accurate version of White Rose resistance. It is fully searchable and permits the posting of questions or comments to each individual record. Currently, […]

Holocaust hashtags

September 22, 2013


When people follow our Twitter feed, we try to acknowledge their support of our work by Tweeting a “welcome” message back to them. Usually that welcome message also includes a suggestion to contact us with any questions or suggestions. We want our readers to know that communication with us is a two-way street. Recently, a […]

Kim’s Dad and the White Rose

September 10, 2013


I have always wondered why I, the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants and child of a farmworker, am so fascinated by resistance to the Nazis during the Third Reich. I am neither German nor Jewish. I am not a member of any targeted groups, and none of my ancestors even had any interaction with Nazi Germany. […]

Big Brother XV and the Holocaust

August 25, 2013


Normally in this space, we address two types of issues: Events or publications that are directly connected with Center for White Rose Studies, or matters pertaining to the Holocaust (resistance, survivors, documentaries). Popular culture rarely rates the slightest mention. But the overt racism, homophobia, misogyny, and ageism that has pervaded this summer’s season of Big […]

Conference diary

July 18, 2013


Thursday, July 11, 2013 We finished setting up the archives yesterday afternoon. Now we are waiting for people to arrive. The CSUCI staff worked alongside us, getting rooms set up, making sure box lunches were put out.

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2013 Awards (press release)

July 14, 2013


The California-based Holocaust education nonprofit Center for White Rose Studies is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 awards granted to individuals who are making a difference.

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